CAVERLEY is the namesake latest collection from Australian shoe designer Sara Caverley, Founder and former Creative director of footwear label: SOL SANA

CAVERLEY brings a fresh perspective to the global footwear market by offering up elevated designs in genuine leathers and one of a kind trims.

Sara who splits her time between Sydney and New York focuses on delivering affordable uniqueness.

Caverley is a small company and for them sustainability means an effort to source, produce and dispose of resources ethically and responsibly. Leather being a slow fashion material because of its ability to withstand wear and tear, and does stand the test of time. It is important to Caverley they are creating durable products that promote longevity so they don’t end up as waste at the end of each season.All packaging is made from recycled materials. 

Caverley produces the same collection twice, once for the Southern Hemisphere and once for the Northen Hemisphere 6 months later. This means they are able to utilise and reuse any left over leathers ensuring minimal waste.

Caverley is a cut-to order brand and believe in producing only what is needed. They produce in small quantities in the hopes of selling out. This practice helps reduce waste and prevents “over producing”.

Caverley are Australian Owed and Female lead/owned.