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    Internationally renowned footwear label Superga has just released its first organic collection. Think the signature styles of its popular sneakers, but with organic cotton, hemp and recycled rubber.

    Up-to date. Caring. Good. With their essential winning formula, Superga®’s iconic shoes have always been a symbol of simplicity. Most of our materials are natural, but they are also recyclable, and our 2750s are still handmade with cotton, natural rubber and aluminum: this is the essence and the strength of our resistant and sustainable design.

    The upper composition of all the Organic collection shoes is a unique blend of 60% organic cotton and 40% natural hemp, while the eyelets and shoelaces are entirely made of organic cotton. The organic cotton employed in the manufacturing of our shoes is sourced in Vietnam, according to the internationally recognized organic farming standards.

    The insole of all the shoes is composed by a layer of natural cork, a simple yet extraordinary material. Among its other properties the cork is light, durable, impermeable and hypoallergenic.

    The sole rubber is natural and manually extracted from the rubber tree forests of Vietnam, Malaysia and Thailand. The rubber is still processed with a traditional technique to guarantee high quality and elasticity standards.

    We constantly research new ways and procedures to develop our products with an increasingly sustainable approach.
    This is the natural evolution of a brand that aims to use the resources of our planet in an elegant and wise way.

    The Organic collection is made from 60% organic cotton, 40% natural hemp, 100% organic thread, a natural cork insole and a 50% recycled rubber sole, all sourced from local suppliers the Organic Collection by Superga is made with total longevity and recyclability in mind. The 4 ICONS in this collection are the: 2750, 2790, 2843 & 2490.