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    Stitch & Hide is a global leather accessories company that combines the laid back, yet sophisticated styles of both Byron Bay, Australia and Los Angeles, California. The natural beauty of these two places is reflected in our rugged, yet classically styled products. Made from the finest quality leathers by the hands of skilled craftsmen, the treatments implemented in creating our products are natural processes, using time-honoured techniques and formulas that were developed by ancient and traditional methods. Made to this day with old world craftsmanship, our leathers carry on a long history of superior comfort and durability.


    At Stitch & Hide, we invest extensively in product designs that are inspired by classic and vintage styles. These designs are enriched with a wealth of inspiration from around the world. Our leathers come from Northern India.  We mainly use buffalo and cow leathers, full grain and of the superior grade.  The hallmark characteristics of our leathers differentiate them from other types of leather. Our full grain leather is taken from the top layer of the hide. It retains the grain and the natural markings of the hide.  Because the leather is vegetable tanned it is the only form of tanning that allows the leather to show its unique characteristics, retaining the natural flaws and markings. Each leather product tells its own story—it carries the individual scars, wrinkles, growth marks, veins, scratches and markings of the original hide—making it unique and personal. These are characteristics of vegetable tanned leather. This allows each owner the privilege of something that is unique, distinctive and exceptional.


    Our leather is prepared using the vegetable tanning process which produces only the finest and most luxurious products. Vegetable tanning has been practiced for centuries in many parts of the world and is made to old timeworn methods and not treated with harsh chemicals. It recalls a simpler time when making something the right way was more important than building it as quickly and as inexpensively as possible. The natural tannins used in this process produce the rich, warm hues created by Mother Nature herself. This involves raw materials obtained from different elements of plants including woods, barks, fruits, fruit pods, and leaves. All our vegetable tanned leather products can be recycled due to the environmentally friendly nature of our materials and processes.

    Our leathers are often further enhanced by hand oiling or waxing which allows the leather to show its unique characteristics, retaining the natural flaws and markings. All those years of pride and quality go into a vegetable tanned leather item created by Stitch & Hide. Each and every customer who purchases one of our products is connected to this time-honoured tradition.


    By working closely with our factories in central and southern India, we ensure full transparency and accuracy throughout our supply chain and for everyone involved in the making of a Stitch & Hide product.

    By carrying out the SA8000 audit, a leading social certification for factories and organisations across the globe, we are able to ensure safe and healthy working conditions in our factory. The certification measures the fair treatment of workers assessing labour standards, worker rights, workplace conditions and management systems are socially acceptable.

    We also ensure our factories are REACH or LWG compliant. These regulations are adopted to improve the protection of human health and the environment from any risks posed by chemicals in the workplace.


    At Stitch and Hide our core values are our guiding principles. We are a quality-driven company and we ascribe great value to the expertise of our craftsmen. We have developed a truly unique “hand feel” based on an unyielding commitment to produce the highest quality product. Premium raw material combined with craftsmanship and timeless design result in a difference that is clearly visible to you, our customer. The earth was here before us, not the other way around. It comes naturally to us to run our business according to industries best practices and with great respect for both the environment and people. We take responsibility for our part in nature’s cycles and will continually seek for new ways to increase our knowledge and improve the sustainability of our processes. We practice fair trade with a goal to maintaining long term relationships based on solidarity, trust and mutual respect that contribute to the promotion and growth of Fair Trade.