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    Inspired by World Travels, a love for adventure and the carefree beauty of Australia. Sancia was born on the road, somewhere between the hot roads of Mexico and the Indian Ocean.

    Since launching in 2013, Sancia has become known for it's intricate, one of a kind pieces.

    With an introduction of an apparel collection in 2017, Sancia now encompasses a full range of product categories with an exotic palette full of global influences, staying true to the brands core ethos of artisinal, handcrafted processes. 

    Seeking eco-friendly materials doesn't stop with fabrication -  all Sancia goods are shipped entirely plastic free. 

    Our wrapping and bags are crafted from corn-starch, a renewable plant material. Traditional plastics can take hundreds to thousands of years to decompose, our packaging can be disposed of in your green bin or compost bin where they break down over a short period of time.


    Sanica creates functional, refined, quality and durable pieces that last over time. Focusing solely on natural eco-friendly materials and fabrications that are environmentally sustainable and renewable. Our materials come from trees and plants, that continue to be replaced, raised or regrown. Unlike many synthetic materials, natural options are biodegradable and decompose harmlessly. 

    We use a mix of TENCEL, CUPRO, VISCOSE and LINEN.