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    We take pride in being able to say that all our designs are original. We start by taking inspiration wherever we find it, some days it hits us like lightning, other days we must seek it out. We start by getting our ideas down on paper, sketching, designing, refining, before we recreate it in digital forms for printing and manufacturing. 

    We have designed our men's recycled polyester swim shorts in a unique Australian fit – based on slim European style trunks but with a little more room to move, fitted but never tight! An elastic waistband for ease of pulling on and off, comfortable and with a nod to 70’s classic style men's swimwear. With a soft bound edge mesh lining to hold your boys in place and pockets to keep your things, it’s all in the details. Eyelets allow the swim short to release any trapped air when you jump in – removing any fear of parachute pants.
    But most importantly they are made from 100% recycled polyester from old plastic bottles, reducing potential landfill and pollution from our oceans.
    Our t-shirts are made from Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) organic cotton. Organic cotton uses less water than regular cotton and does not use pesticides. Better for the world and better for the farmers, better for you.

    Available in styling to suit your needs our selection of fits will cater for those lazy days at the beach to casual weekdays. Our essential Beach Tees feature a looser fit allowing comfort when things get hot and sticky. We also offer a slim urban tee and contemporary box fit tee with graphic prints and solid colours. Perfect to wear with your shorts, jeans, or under an over shirt.