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    Oobi is an Australian children’s clothing, homewares and lifestyle label for girls aged newborn to twelve. It’s a beautiful and thoughtful range of fashion, designed with fun, colour and movement in mind! We pride ourselves on our signature, hand-printed cotton fabrics, designed by Alexandra Riggs in Sydney, Australia since 2002.

    Our cottons are printed by artisans in Jaipur, India who utilise screen printing or rotary techniques and even vegetable dyes in some garments. This ensures the 'stamp’ of the hands that make the garment, and that artisan skills are kept alive.  We work together with an ethical and considerate pursuit of all things beautiful. We employ a collective of women who work with their hands using their long-standing family techniques.

    Our designer has spent years traveling, working and collaborating with our creators and a respectful, mutually appreciative and ethical manufacturing process has been strictly adhered to. We are proud of our team of artisans and they are equally proud to work with our company - the proof is in the quality of the creation!

    Our aim every day is to create a magical world for your child. To find a space where your child can feel and look amazing. That’s why we love to use the #letthembelittle - because when we see girls in their Oobi, we know that they can be themselves, and love how they look and feel in our garments. And that’s what it’s all about! Marching to the beat of your own drum, mixing-and-matching however YOU want, and finding little delights everywhere you look.
    Oobi is also proud to support women in business, in Australia and overseas. Alexandra Riggs has been a mentor, speaker and ambassador for women in business and pledges to continue working closely with women, ensuring ethical and equal pay, support for the careers of young women, and sponsorship. We are proud of our many awards including City of Sydney Business of the Year for our ethical, responsible and charitable business pursuits.