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    Fast Fashion may be cheaper economically but comes at a huge cost to the environment, people and animals

    Sustainable Fibres

    Our beautiful outfits are made using natural plant-based fabrics which comply with the Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex®. This certifies that our products are free from hazardous substances, such as toxic dyes and carcinogens, which ensures that our textiles are safe for people and the environment.

    In addition, our clothing labels have been made from organic cotton and the hanging ribbons have been made from linen.  Whilst using sustainable materials for these finer details came at a slightly higher cost to us, we made this decision as we wished to ensure that our garments aligned with our values.  Unfortunately, we weren’t able to find non-synthetic alternatives for our zips and elastic which were used in our Kalani jumpsuit.  This was a really difficult thing to pass over for us, but don’t worry, we are looking into more alternatives for our next collection.

    Did you know that linen is biodegradable and recyclable? Mother Earth loves this fabric choice, every time.


    It is predicted that the global parcels will surpass 100 billion by 2020, with the majority of those being plastic or non-biodegradable. Without companies taking an active stance, these figures are only going to increase. The tote bags we use when you receive your items are also made from linen which are hand-packed and sent in a satchel made from 100% compostable materials.

    We are also proud to use Sendle for all of our shipping which is 100% carbon neutral. Most people don't consider the environmental impact of their online shopping deliveries –but the logistics involved generate a huge amount of CO2 - over 10% of global CO2e emissions are from transport and logistics.Being carbon neutral means that your net release of CO2e into the atmosphere is zero which is done by a process called offsetting.

    Our thank you note and swing tags are also made from recycled paper as it is our desire to be known as the label who pays attention to detail, as such details do matter to us.

    Did you know that global parcels will surpass 100 billion by 2020?

    Ethical Practices

    When founding Luna + Sun, we have also been conscious of the 40 million garment makers in the world today whom commonly are exploited for cheap labour and have had their human rights violated. With only 8% of all garments sold in Australia being manufactured locally, we are excited to be using a manufacturer in Brisbane who is accredited with Ethical Clothing Australia. We are also very proud to say we have the Ethical Clothing Australia accreditation for our label.  This accreditation ensures that workers are paid appropriately and receive their minimum legal entitlements and are working in safe conditions throughout the entire supply chain.

    Only 8% of clothing sold in Australia is manufactured locally. We are proud to be Australian made.

    Animal Welfare

    The welfare of animals is something which we hold very dear to our hearts. We are committed to not using any animal products to make our garments which means they are free of silk, wool, cashmere and leather. We are proud be a 100% vegan friendly label who is accredited by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). 

    1% for WWF

    Whilst we are new to the sustainable clothing scene, we are committed to putting the right foundations in place from the get go. Each year we will be donating 1% of our net profits to a selected charity that helps animals, people and the environment. This year we have selected World Wide Fund for Nature ("WWF"). WWF is one of Australia’s most trusted conservation organisations and work to protect endangered species and habitats, meet the challenge of climate change, and build a world where people live in harmony with nature.

    UN Sustainable Development Goals

    At Luna and Sun we are also committed to supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s).  The fashion industry plays such an important part in achieving several of these goals especially eradicating poverty, gender equality, responsible consumption and production, climate action, life below water and life on land.  Read more about what we are doing to ensure we as a business are contributing to achieving these goals in the link below.