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    Humble beginnings had Emma, a journalist, and her husband, Anthony, a Doctor, making soap in their kitchen after they grew tired of seeing nasty sulfates, parabens, detergents, and artificial fragrances amongst other irritants in store bought soap. Friends and family eventually cottoned on to their new hobby and fell in love with the all natural, vegan, palm oil free, sulfate free, paraben free, detergent free sudsy creations. A love that eventually outgrew Anthony and Emma’s kitchen and found them opening their first shop at South Melbourne market in 2013, where their soaps still have a loyal customer base.

    Fast forward to today, and our soaps can be found in hundreds of stores across Australia and the world. But they are still all handmade in Dandenong, Melbourne.

    At the ANSC we believe that our environment knows best when it comes to nourishing, and sustaining healthy beautiful skin. We only use the highest quality plant oils to create soap, and a skincare range for all skin types – even you sensitive little souls! The beautiful fragrances are created with pure essential oils, each with their own unique benefits. We have strict policies against animal testing and the use of palm oil, each product is guaranteed cruelty free, vegan, and palm oil free! It’s important for the community, and the culture of our team to give back, and so we hold regular fundraisers and donation systems for not-for-profit organisations!

    Australian Made

    We are 100% Australian made and owned, proudly carrying The Australian Made logo on our products.

    Australia produces some of the world’s best natural oils and our products are testament to the fact that they make really beautiful soaps. Not only this, these oils make wonderful, nourishing moisturisers, with an option for all skin types out there. Our essential oils carry a great natural scent, negating the need for fake fragrances and chemicals. Most of the oils that we use are produced by Australian farmers – we can even tell you what region of Australia the oils come from! We only use oils from overseas when we cannot source them locally.

    Proudly Plastic Free

    Here at Australian Natural Soap Company, we are proudly plastic free! We constantly endeavour to reduce our ecological impact as much as possible.

    We provide simple and easy solutions that minimise waste but don’t sacrifice on quality.

    How’s your shower or bath looking? If it’s like most Australian bathrooms, you’ve probably got a vast collection of half empty plastic bottles. Why not reduce all this plastic packaging by replacing your liquid soaps, gels, shampoos, conditioners, dishwashing liquid, detergent, etc with natural soap?

    We take a different approach to others: A solid conditioner bar for the hair. Natural soap flakes for washing clothes. A shampoo bar for washing your dog. A pink clay bar for the face. They provide simple and easy solutions that minimise waste but don’t sacrifice on quality.

    We package all our soaps with as little packaging as possible – using only recycled or recyclable cardboard and paper. We also encourage our customers as much as possible to use minimum packaging – that’s why it’s cheaper for you to buy our soaps by half a kilo or a kilo, which we do not wrap individually.

    We’ve included a calculator on our website on how many plastic bottles you will be saving with your purchase. You’d be surprised how quickly the bottles add up by making this simple transition to solid soap.

    Also, because our soaps are completely natural, they are completely biodegradable. We use no petrochemicals or other nasties such as EDTA or Triclosan, which are terrible for the environment and natural ecosystems.

    Palm Oil Free, Cruelty Free & More

    At Australian Natural Soap Company, all our products are Palm Oil free, Cruelty Free and more. We never use parabens or sulphates, or any animal products.

    The Australian Natural Soap Company is against animal testing – all our products are cruelty free. We proudly carry the Cruelty Free (CCF) logo on our products. Our soaps are also vegan, so we do not use beeswax or any type of milks.

    All our soaps are also proudly 100% palm oil free. The palm oil industry has been terribly devastating for orangutans in Malaysia and Indonesia, accounting for 30% of all forest loss in these two countries between 2005-2010.

    What is particularly worrying, is that it is very difficult for Australians to avoid consuming palm oil. This is mainly because it can be labelled under many different names here, including vegetable oil. In fact, the average Australian consumes 6 kilograms of palm oil every year – often without even knowing it.

    This is an issue that we are very passionate about. Orangutans are extremely intelligent and beautiful creatures that are worth much more than a cheap and not particularly healthy oil. And we think one of the best ways to help bring about change is to offer real alternatives to palm oil products.

    On top of this, we donate 3% of every sale to various NGO’s who work for the protection of animals. Find out more about where current donations are going to as well as past partnerships here.