Sustainable Sundays; Is Denim Sustainable?

Sustainable Sundays; Is Denim Sustainable?

Is Denim Sustainable? Learn more about the impact of your jeans.

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March 22nd is World Water Day, this year's theme 'Valuing Water' highlights what water means to different people, recognising its true value and discussing how we can better protect this vital resource. 

Traditional production of denim is wasteful and harmful to the environment, especially when it comes to water waste. The Reform Store supports brands that are changing their ways of doing things to support more eco-friendly production. Our two key denim brands are Australian Made Women’s fashion NOBODY DENIM, and Men’s and Women’s brand NEUW DENIM.

One of the major issues in the denim manufacturing process is the dyeing of the fabric. To give our jeans and jackets that famous blue hue, lots of harmful chemicals (and even more water) are used, and even more are used to achieve the “distressed” look we all know and love. All of this waste creates a toxic sludge that leeches into water supplies and has caused widespread contamination in China, where pollution threatens the well-being of those who live near factories.


Since 2017 Nobody Denim have reduced their water use by 50% in their stone washing and bleaching processes. They are currently investing in other ways to save water, including stream recapture which is the process of converting wastewater into water that can be reused for other purposes.


Neuw Denim have introduced a responsible & sustainable production initiative to reduce the environmental impact of our manufacturing & development process with their ZERO Water Wasted collection. ZERO eliminates classic stone-washing methods by adopting the use of synthetic stones in replace of traditional pumice.

Made from an environmental resin this innovative alternative leaves no washing waste or sludge behind, decreasing our carbon footprint and allowing us to clean and recycle water in a much more energy efficient manner.

Make Your Jeans Last Longer

Jeans were originally designed not as a fashion items but to endure the toughest working conditions! That means the jeans you buy should last you many years (even decades, depending on the quality and if you look after them properly). Buying a good quality pair of denim jeans (preferably Australian Made!) and keeping them in good condition can reduce the need to buy new ones every year. Here are a few tips to get a longer lifespan out of your denim:

Save washing your jeans until they are very dirty.

Always follow the instructions sewn into the jeans.

Spray a mix of baking soda, essential oil and water on your jeans to keep them fresh in between washes.

Always wash on a cold cycle and hang to dry inside-out to keep the colour looking fresh.