Sustainable Sundays Feat; Hello Cup. Mother Nature will love you!

Sustainable Sundays Feat; Hello Cup. Mother Nature will love you!

HELLO THERE! Last week we celebrated International Women’s Day! As such, what better time to talk about periods and period waste. THE REFORM STORE is a place to empower our community to rethink and REFORM the way we shop and live to minimise our impact. Our main priority is to make sustainability accessible and easy.

The Hello Cup is a complete game changer when it comes to your period. Cheaper than tampons and pads, easy to use and most importantly planet friendly!

We get it, you’ve been using tampons for years without problems so why should you change?

Created by a registered nurse, The Hello Cup stands out from the crowd. With its award-winning design, if you’re looking for quality, comfort then you’ve come to the right product.

Menstrual products are labelled as medical waste, so trying to track the amount of waste is tough. On around 45 billion single-use period products end up in landfills and waterways around the globe each year. In Australia alone, women contribute approximately 18 thousand metric tonnes of sanitary waste to landfill every year.

In one average lifetime of a Woman, she will use around 12 000 pads and tampons, contributing approximately 120kgs to landfill.

Tampons come wrapped in plastic, encased in plastic applicators, with plastic strings dangling from one end, and many even include a thin layer of plastic in the absorbent part. Pads generally incorporate more plastic, from the leak-proof base to the synthetics that soak up fluid, and all the extra packaging!

Hello Cup period cups are made from high quality materials with no nasties (aka medical grade thermoplastic elastomer). Contains no BPAs, heavy metals, rubber, latex. Colours used are certified food grade and have the tick to comply with EU and FDA standards. They last for years, not a couple of hours, they are smooth and comfortable, and will withstand energetic movement.