10 Ways to Change Your Impact - It's not as hard as you think!

10 Ways to Change Your Impact - It's not as hard as you think!

 Written By: Mirjam Ekstrom, Photo By: Ashim D’Silva

Perhaps you’ve heard the saying – no one can do everything, but everyone can do something. When talking about ways to change your impact, this is important to keep in mind. It can otherwise feel overwhelming, and that’s when we tend to stick our heads in the sand rather than take action. Perhaps you want to create a more sustainable lifestyle but don’t know where to start? Reform Store has listed 10 quick ways to change your impact.

  1. Shop with an eco-conscious

Being mindful about what you put in your shopping bag is a key step in changing your impact. Think twice about what you really need. Understand how and where the product has been made and when possible, choose Australia-made when you can, with a sustainable and ethical production process.Follow the link to our brands list to explore 

  1. Be informed

We live in a time where information is very accessible, so there’s no excuse not to be informed. Read books, read articles, listen to podcasts, talk to people. Change starts with having the right knowledge.

  1. Reduce your waste

There are many simple ways to reduce your waste. Here’s a few things you can do:

  • Buy in bulk
  • Avoid disposable items
  • Buy quality items that will last
  • Choose package-free, or low-packaging items
  • Compost as much as possible
  1. Eat a sustainable diet

The type of food you eat matters for the environment, for animal wellbeing and for your own health. Try shifting to more plant-based foods, eat seasonally and locally – or even better, grow your own herbs and vegetables.

  1. Walk, bike or use public transport

When possible, leave your car at home and choose an eco-friendlier method of transportation. Taking a walk or a bike ride is beneficial for both your health and the planet. 

  1. Switch imported for Australia-made

Supporting local businesses is an important movement for many reasons: it shortens the shipping distance, and you gain an understanding of the supply chain so you can keep the manufacturers responsible for a sustainable production.

  1. Use a keep cup

We use 16 billion paper cups per year. It goes without saying that the negative impact on the environment is huge. So, bring a reusable cup – help reduce the number of trees cut down and lower the waste of water and energy.

  1. Resell (or donate) and buy second-hand

Most items can be reused, resold, donated or repaired. As well as thinking twice before throwing something out, search the second-hand market when buying a new item.

  1. Reduce household energy

By reducing your household energy, you’ll lower your utility bills and improve the environment at the same time. Simple things to do is turning appliances off when they’re not being used, hang-dry clothes instead of using the dryer and switch to energy efficient lightbulbs.

  1. Switch to reusable water bottles

By now, most people are aware of how bad plastic bottles are. Still, more than a million of them are sold globally every minute. It takes up to 450 years for them to completely decompose and thousands of marine mammals are killed each year because of plastic pollution. Do our ocean wildlife a favour and switch to a reusable bottle.